Alexandra usually wears a cheerful expression, and some people might see her wide-eyed innocence as a sign of an easy mark. And while she may not be very world-wary, she is quite intelligent, and a canny judge of character.

Alexandra Zanderath is a young spellcaster who is mostly self-taught. Shunning the more formal avenues of magical education, she has chosen not to enroll in the Acadamae. Alexandra is much more rural than a lot of her peers, having grown up outside the city. This sometimes makes her self-conscious. Though she does not attend the academy, she used to work in its archives until just recently.

Though friendly, she tends to be somewhat reserved, keeping her more negative emotions bottled in, and sometimes putting that much effort into being pleasant can wear thin, and her eager enthusiasm can sometimes ring false.

She does not know the limits to her power, and often underestimates her own abilities. Since she does not specialize in any particular field of arcane study, she has a wide range of magic available to her. Though she has a lot of talent with Necromancy and Protective Warding spells, she purposefully limits the amount of Necromantic spells she learns, because she is leery of the powers that they represent.


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