Prophesied God-Caller undergoing trials


Artalin was born into a cult that has not seen a god-caller in many generations. Her status was heralded with many portents, and she quickly became accustomed to the privileges that life afforded her.
She grew into a strikingly attractive woman. Tall, statuesque, and long of limb, she carried herself with a grace and poise that comes from knowing that everyone had their eyes on her. Though she would be called willowy by some, she has a steely resolve and a hearty constitution, making her surprisingly resilient.
Her eyes are a golden brown color that seems to collect the light. Large and expressive, they seem to hold their own luminance; with the faintest hint of ruby-like red glinting in her iris.
She keeps her hair long, which marks her to the rest of her clan as one who does not spend much time working with her hands. She was not bred to be a warrior or craftsman. She will occasionally style it with a single braid, or tie the sides back into a thick plait that lies in the center
As she has completed more and more of her trials, and become more in tune with her other-worldly ally, she has decorated her body with a myriad of tattoos. In the center of her forehead is a symbol that harkens back to the ancient fire wyrms of pre-history; the upper horns of the tattoo disappearing into her hairline.

The backs of both hands have ornate summoning circles inscribed. These circles are virtually identical, and represent the metaphorical pillars of creation. The elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water with only the symbol in the central circle differentiating them.. The left hand central circle containing the symbol for Darkness, Unholy, Shadow energy. The right hand central circle containing the symbol for Light, Holy, Radiant energy.
Her forearms are bare of any tattoos, as are her lower legs. But from the elbow to the shoulder, knees to the crotch, and nearly the entirety of her torso are geometric lines and whorls. Her back is likewise covered with tattoos, with an ancient passage written in the center of her back, framed by symmetric lines, curves, and angles


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