Costa Serimus

Proprietor of Bookmaker.


Wizards, sages, and scholars flock to Korvosa’s largest bookstore. From mythic tales of lost Azlant to the most recent reports from distant Osirion, the Bookmaker’s massive selection covers a wide swath of topic and interests. All of the city’s universities, colleges, and schools (except the Acadamae) send their students to the Bookmaker, and many of the professors and masters from those establishments have written tomes for sale within it.

Through an oft-violated gentlemen’s agreement, the Bookmaker and Gilded Orrery carefully avoid an excess in overlap of titles carried. Where the Gilded Orrery focuses its attention on the arcane, the Bookmaker takes a generalist approach to knowledge.

Recently, the Bookmaker’s proprietor, Costa Serimus, began reporting strange sounds and events throughout his building. He fears a ghost has moved into his building and called upon the church of Pharasma for aid. A cleric of Pharasma detected no presence of undead, but further investigations by the Korvosan Guard uncovered a heretofore unknown entrance to the Vaults under his establishment. Rather than pay the exorbitant fee the Korvosan Guard charges for such services, Costa has put up flyers offering a reward to anyone who can cleanse his building of its haunt

Proprietor of Bookmaker, a shop in Midland, and friend to Aiyanna. When she is not adventuring, she is often found here, illuminating manuscripts and carefully inscribing dedications and declarations of ownership.

Costa Serimus

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