Disgraced surgeon and drug-addict.


Despite being the human equivalent of a human’s ‘middle age’ Haemon looks to be quite older. Leathery skin, sunken eyes, and faint tremors of his hands when he thinks no one is looking.

He is slender, and his muscles are thin and wiry. Though he is strong, this strength comes from his mutagens, and the other concoctions he injects into his body. As a man who spends most of his time indoors, Haemon has an even lighter skin tone than most elves.
His eyes are a brownish green, and seem strangely alert, if somewhat jittery
His hair is brown, unremarkable, and falls to just touching his shoulders, it is unkempt, and kind of stringy, but when he is working, he tends to tie it up

Though they don’t count as jewelry, his potion vials, philters, and various other bottles of alchemical reagents are typically stored in beautifully crafted elven glass.


Hameon is a drug-addled wretch. He was a respected surgeon and doctor with a notable reputation within Korvosa but his addiction(s) have taken a toll on him. His fortunes have fallen and now he tends to spend most of his time and money in various drug dens. His various concoctions tend to keep him on the razor’s edge of withdrawal symptoms, but he knows he can’t keep doing this forever, but he doesn’t know what kind of catalyst will break the cycle. It certainly isn’t going to be his own willpower.

A hybrid of a surgeon and patient, Haemon seeks to perfect his understanding of anatomy, and the interaction of the bodily humours, by experimantation. Though his appearance is sinister, and his motives are questionable, he’s not a ‘villain’ (But he may come in conflict with heroes from time to time). He is inspired by such characters as Dark Eldar Haemonhculi, Severus Snape, Edward Elric, and the Jekyll and Hyde legends. (With a little bit of the snarky attitude of Dr. Gregory House (House) and Dr. Perry Cox (Scrubs))


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