Natalya Vancaskerkin

Natalya is a handsome woman with blue eyes and a swashbuckling style. Her long, naturally curly brown hair is thick and wild, kept out of her face with a red Varisian head scarf. In keeping with the Varisian style, she wears large gold hoops in her ears.


Natalya Vancaskerkin is the first-born, but disowned, daughter of Riddleport’s infamous Saul Vancaskerkin. Her mother, Adreea Valitrosa, died while the new family tried to escape Riddleport ahead of her Sczarni family. They did not approve of the marriage and wanted Natalya as payment.

Feeling alienated from her father and second step-mother, Natalya turned to a Sczarni crime family that was a rival of her father’s. Once discovered by her father, she was kicked out of the family manor, never to return.

Heading to Magnimar, Natalya joined up with another Sczarni gang, the Tower Girls. Unhappy with not being in charge and the amount of money she was forced to contribute to the Sczarni, she approached Sheila Heidmarch of the Pathfinder Society about becoming an informant.

Natalya Vancaskerkin

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