Vengeful hunter of miscreants.

An ex criminal, Slade was once a common street thug. Martial skills and strongarm tactics earned him a decent living. But his ambition grew, and he joined a small guild. They were elite, talented, and ruthless. But all the while, Slade felt that his companions were going overboard. While not inclined to finesse himself, Slade felt that the muggings and robberies were too savage, too brutal. He turned his back on his colleagues, and headed to Eastern Valice and returned to the right side of the law. He met and fell in love with a young woman, and was quickly married.

But the past seldom stays buried. His vengeful former colleagues, who were angry that Slade had left them for a life of legitimate work, broke into his simple house and brutalized his wife; killing her and his unborn child.

Slade dedicated himself to revenge. For years, Slade tracked down every member of that group, and delivered them to justice. But it was not enough. Pursued by his own demons and hunters from both sides of the law, Slade cannot rest. He continues his self-imposed penance. Hounded by guilt and regret, Slade seeks to atone for the sins of his past, and earn the forgiveness of those he loved so dearly.

Slade is a rough and ready sort of individual. His chiseled features are rugged and weatherworn. His hair is dark and unruly. His eyes are dark and emotionless. Never looking at you, but looking through you. His expression seems frozen in a perpetual rictus of apathy. Occasionally, a sneer, or a grimace might cross his features, but more often than not, he seems detached.

Slade prefers utilitarian clothing, preferring dark grays, browns, and colors that are suitable across a myriad of environs. His clothes are travel-worn, but well made, and serve him well on his travels.

Through his training, Slade has become as at-home in the wilderness as he has in the city. A skilled tracker, an expert hunter, and a predator, Slade has made himself known as a bounty hunter. But his passion for Vigilante justice puts him at odds with the authorities of larger cities. Slade has become somewhat of a hero in his hometown, much to his own distaste. But the people who know him best, those who knew him before his wife’s murder, just watch him silently from afar, and offer a prayer for him. Because they know that the night that his wife died, most of Slade’s spirit died with her.


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