Crime and Punishment

Crime & Punishment

Punishments for violent crimes in Korvosa are harsh, but the general populace considers them fair. Non-violent crimes carry differing punishments depending on the disposition of the criminal: A member of the thieves’ guild (the only legal guild in the city) or a registered gang might receive a lighter sentence than does a freelancer, depending on the crime in question.

The following selections of crimes and their punishments (listed in order they are applied) should not be construed as all-inclusive. Korvosa’s legal code fills multiple thick volumes.

Crime Punishments
Treason Torture, death; no appeal
Murder Torture, death; no appeal
Rape Torture and castration, imprisonment (10–20 years), death; no appeal
Armed Robbery Pay restitution or lose a hand, imprisonment (10–20 years)
Arson Pay restitution or branding, imprisonment (10+ years); plus murder charge if fire kills
Unionizing Branding, imprisonment (5–10 years); no appeal
Accidental Death Pay restitution or torture, imprisonment (5–8 years)
Robbery [T] Pay restitution or lose a hand, imprisonment (2–10 years), pay restitution
Drug Use Imprisonment (4–6 months pre-trial, plus 2–3 years if guilty)
Burglary [T] Pay restitution, imprisonment (1–2 years)

[T]: A member of the Cerulean Society (thieves’ guild) or a registered gang can expect to receive a lighter sentence of around half the
common punishment for these crimes.

Crime and Punishment

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