South Shore

South Shore


The newest district officially added to the city, South Shore became a part of Korvosa in 4684, when Queen Domina set the first foundation stone for the Pantheon of Many. South Shore’s population consists mainly of the city’s nouveau riche hoping to escape the cramped conditions elsewhere in the city. No wards divide South Shore. A small enclave built specifically as an embassy for Mierani elves stands in the ward.

S1. Orkatto’s Feathers and Fur: Collectors and wealthy nobles of South Gate acquire exotic pets or oddities to add to their menageries from Orkatto’s. It is filled with caged wonders, from rainbow-plumed songbirds and snowdust badgers to emerald-back nightbelly boas and even the odd dream spider (for Orkatto’s more shady clientele). The elderly halfling served a lord in Magnimar as his master of the hunt in younger days, but the country squire saved his coppers well and retired to Korvosa to set up his shop.

S2. Green Market: This small, fully enclosed market specializes in food, clothing, and commodities the residents of the city need to survive, but it also provides jewelry and other luxuries for the nobles of the city. Merchants here are expressly forbidden from selling weapons, armor, or magic.
The Green Market closed its doors nearly a decade ago when the previous owner died unexpectedly at a relatively young age. Four years ago, a young woman named Zeeva Foxglove bought and refurbished the building, reopening the market three years ago to thunderous applause. Since its reopening, Green Market has proven profitable and popular beyond many observers’ expectations (including, rumor holds, Zeeva’s).

S3. Bard’s End: Standing just a block from Kendall Amphitheater, Korvosa’s largest inn provides a place to stay for those who have traveled long and far. Visiting actors of varying fame frequent the Bard’s End, as do musicians, performers, and actual bards. A relatively small stage dominates the inn’s common room, and a night never goes by without some kind of performance being held. Traveling bards hoping to make a gold sail or two often pass through Bard’s End on their way into or out of Varisia. The inn can comfortably house three dozen people in its 14 rooms, although it frequently holds more than twice that number.

S4. Jade Circle: This green-painted, domed building glitters like a giant emerald in the sun. Banners of Korvosa’s oldest noble houses wave on poles jutting from the second floor open-air balcony. Behind its lacquered latticework doors is a cacophony of scents and delicate delights, from the teahouse’s famed porcelains to its exotic fare. The Jade Circle is the swankiest site in South Shore. By day, young noblewomen accompany their mothers here for a spot of the most exotic fragrant teas from Osirion and even the distant sandalwood shores of Tian Xia. By night, young bravos bolster their spirits with mulled wines as they share a rousing tale of the silver market’s ups and downs, or discuss the merits of various fighting styles (rapier and dagger is currently en vogue).

S5. Pantheon of Many: Completed in 4706 and built in anticipation of Korvosa’s tercentennial, the Pantheon of Many holds within its massive octagonal white-marbled walls shrines to 17 different deities. Of the twenty main deities of Golarion, only Gorum, Lamasthu, and Rovagug do not have shrines within the pantheon. Up until only days after it opened, neither did Cayden Cailean or Desna, but their followers gathered such a large crowd of protest that clerics of the pantheon could not leave the building.

The pantheon respects all of the deities it serves—even the evil and chaos-loving ones—so all 17 spaces are equally sized. Clerics of the represented deities tend to their shrines, performing rites (those that do not violate Korvosan law, anyway) under the watch of a pair of impartial observers. No sacrifices of creatures, intelligent or not, is allowed within the pantheon.

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South Shore

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