The Cousins' War

With the end of the Last Shoanti War, Korvosans began to settle the mainland in earnest, and the civilian government began to take on more and more prominence. In 4489, Lord Magistrate Remsev Ornelos moved the town’s seat of power to the mainland, while several prominent military families—the Bromathans, Endrins and Krofts—claimed lands east of the river. Not everyone was happy with this move; many common folk feared that military forces were being stretched too thin, and they would be left undefended if the Shoanti returned. Tensions between the haves and have nots began to simmer, and nobleman Amycus Viamio began to play off the threat of class warfare for his own gain.

In 4491, malcontent longshoremen, manipulated by Viamio, stormed Lord Magistrate Ornelos’ home and slaughtered his entire family, allowing Amycus to take power. Under the new Lord Magistrate, a new wave of Chelaxian immigrants swelled Korvosa’s ranks, noble families allied with House Viamio.

In 4502, Amycus Viamio called a conclave of the noble houses, demanding that the eastern holdings of the Bromathans, Endrins, and Krofts be abandoned to allow for an easier defense of Citadel Hill. When House Endrin rather bluntly refused, Amycus declared Endrin and the other eastern nobles traitors to Korvosa and the Chelish crown. In short order, The Cousins’ War began.

Amycus had anticipated just such an outcome, and had already used his fortune amassed a small army of mercenaries, including Shoanti and goblins, as well as paid mobs. His forces swept into the eastern holdings, but they proved no match for for the massed garrison of the Korvosan Guard. Nor did the other noble houses come to Viamio’s aid as he had hoped; by 4503, the lines were drawn, and House Viamio had only 4 other houses on its side, while another 20 stood against it. Amycus attempted to flee the city that spring, but was captured by Sable Company marines, and never heard from again. House Viamio were branded traitors by Cheliax, and utterly destroyed, and its allies were stripped of their noble titles, if they were lucky.

The conclusion of the Cousins’ War brought increased attention from Cheliax, and Korvosa began to grow as never before. The population swelled to over 20,000, and trade with the homeland brought a new age of prosperity. It was in this period that ‘Fort’ was officially dropped from the city’s name, the better to put the tragedies and wars of the past behind them. For a time, Korvosa was one of the Crown Jewels of the Chelish Empire.

And then, in 4606, roughly a year before Korvosa’s bicentennial, the worst cataclysm yet occurred. Aroden, patron god of humanity and the Chelish Empire, died.

The Cousins' War

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