Aiyanna Reyne


“Quiet but that doesnt mean she’s weak; studious and focused on magic and family, can sometimes be flighty but usually pragmatic?”
Learis Reyne

Name: Aiyanna Reyne
Age: 18
Height:5’1” Weight:
Eyes: Green Hair: Blonde
Birthday 23 Arodus (23rd August)

  • What’s your OCs favorite color? Typically a yellow-green color. It makes her think of springtime.
  • Where does your OC work? She works independently with Silas Ventru, a local bookbinder. Typically doing the internal calligraphy.
  • What’s your OCs favorite food? She likes seafood, particularly shellfish, but also enjoys oysters, caviar, and the occasional sushi/sashimi
  • How old is your OC? She is eighteen years old. She looks like she’s sixteen, but sometimes behaves like she’s thirty.
  • Does your OC have any supernatural powers? Her magic comes from study.
    Is your OC in a relationship? She wouldn’t know what to do with someone who was interested in her.
  • What are some of your OCs strengths? She’s quick-witted, studious, and has a penchant for artistry.
  • What are some of your OCs weaknesses? She is easily influenced, especially by her sister. Will sometimes let something unfortunate happen just to be able to say “I told you so.” afterwards.
  • What is your OCs favorite outfit? She has a number of outfits, but prefers those that let her travel freely through the city without drawing too much attention. She wants to be able to blend in at a rowdy local tavern as well as at tea with a noble family.
  • What animal does your OC relate to? She often finds herself staring at the gulls that float over the harbor. Not sure if she relates to them, but it’s the first thing that springs to mind when she’s asked.
  • Is your OC sexually active? She’s not opposed to the idea, but isn’t pursuing it.
  • What is your OCs earliest memory? She got into her mother’s paints when she was young.
  • What makes your OC angry? Hurting children.
  • When is your OCs favorite time of year? Springtime. Still cool enough to bundle up, but clear skies and green grass.
  • How long can your OC hold their breath? She doesn’t make a habit of testing it… maybe forty-five seconds?
  • What kind of underwear does your OC wear? How Rude! [Simple cotton no design or ornamentation]
  • Does your OC prefer plaid or polka dots? Polka dots.
  • Who is your OCs best friend? Likely her older sister Learis.
  • Has your OC ever killed someone? No. Not yet.
  • What does your OC smell like? She smells pleasant, like rose petals and salt air, with a lingering earthy smell that you can’t put your finger on.
  • What languages does your OC speak? She can speak Varisian, Shoanti, Common, Draconic, Celestial, Elven
  • Can your OC swim? Yes. Not particularly well though.
  • What does your OC choose to do about the, er, hair down there? Some of these questions are quite personal.
  • Does your OC believe in fairies? Yes. Why wouldn’t she?
  • Did your OC go to college? What did they major in? Not really. She had private tutors, but also pursued her own education.
  • Are your OCs parents dead? No. They are both alive. Her father is a minor player at the local opera, and her mother is an artistic dilettante.
  • Is your OC religious? She honors the gods, and observes services to Desna, but also pays her respects to Nethys.
  • How flexible is your OC? Not particularly flexible. She’s not much of an athlete, and most of her skill at dancing is from more sedate waltzes and such.
  • What turns your OC on? ::Blush:: She doesn’t really think about those sorts of things.
  • What was your OCs first word? “Why?” Her parents would argue that her first words were “Mom” or “Dad” depending on which one you ask, but they both agree that her second word was “Why?”
  • Does your OC have any pets? Had a cat when she was growing up. The cat still lives with her parent’s though.
  • Who is your OCs biggest enemy? Currently, Gaedren Lamm.
  • What is the craziest thing your OC has done? Went with her sister to seek vengeance against Gaerdren Lamm for his role in the death of Learis’ daughter. It did not go well.
  • What is your OCs motto about life? ((Still Searching. Will come back to this))
  • Does your OC drink coffee or tea? Tea. She tends to put in more sugar than most think is proper. (She tends to stop adding just after she realizes that people have noticed how much she’s added, but before they feel they need to comment on it.)
  • Who is your OCs biggest hero? Unofficially, it is probably her sister.
  • What color eyes does your OC have? Her eyes are green. Bright, intense, and expressive. They have been compared by some to springtime.
  • Does your OC like reading? Very much so. She has a small collection of books that have been re-read a number of times.
  • Is your OC loyal? Yes. This loyalty might take her down a dark road. She sees the darkness growing in her sister, and will try to stop it from spreading. But if the darkness does consume Learis, she is prepared to march into the gates of hell alongside her sister, if that is what comes of it.
  • Does your OC tolerate violence? Yes. She doesn’t revel in it, but she understands that it may be necessary. She does have some strict rules she follows. She will not harm children. And she will not use lethal force on someone who hasn’t.
  • What social class is your OC from? Upper middle class, minor nobility. A lot of it would depend on who you are asking. She is descended from a family of some of the original colonists of Korvosa, but her family’s status isn’t in as high of esteem as it once was. Still well regarded, but less influential.
  • What country was your OC born in? Born in Varisia, spending almost her entire life in Korvosa.
  • Does your OC cry easily? She gets sad, and often wears her emotions on her sleeve, but doesn’t usually cry.
  • What is your OCs favorite genre of music? She likes soft instrumentals, and bombastic chorals. She was raised on Chelish Opera, and her tastes reflect this.
  • How does your OC feel about insects? She has a live and let live approach. But, all bets are off if they make contact with her.
  • What is your OCs sexual orientation? Somewhere between straight and asexual.
  • Does your OC smoke? No. Ugh.
  • What gender is your OC? She is a lady.
  • What kind of clothes does your OC wear? Typically clothes that let her travel comfortably, but that will also let her take tea with members of various noble families on short notice.
  • Would you call your OC adventurous? Moderately so. She is easily convinced to partake of adventure.
  • Is your OC introverted or extroverted? She is reluctant to open up, but is gregarious and talkative when she gets to know someone.
  • What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC?
  • Does your OC enjoy nature? Yes, in moderation. She is accustomed to comforts, and rarely likes to give them up for long.
  • What is your OC’s Zodiac Sign? Virgo
  • When is your character’s birthday. 23 Arodus 4690 AR (23rd August)
  • Sexuality: She is nominally straight, in so far as she has really thought about it, but to suggest that she could be asexual wouldn’t be too far off the mark. She once had a tryst with a theater boy, around the time that Learis was getting married. It was awkward, and didn’t do much for her. She doesn’t see what the fuss is about.
  • Hairstyle: Her hair just grazes the tops of her shoulders.
  • Hair Texture: Pretty much straight, but with slight wavy texture.
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Green,
  • Body Type: She is not particularly athletic, but she isn’t sedentary either. Her body type is average, if a bit petite.
  • Skin Tone: She doesn’t spend a lot of times outdoors, so her skin is quite fair. But she still has a healthy complexion.
  • Markings: Currently none
  • Theme Color: She prefers light green, but also wears contrasting colors (black and white, crimson and gold, etc.)
  • Favorite Input: She enjoys the theater quite a bit, mostly for the music, but the acting can get her blood pumping too.
  • Favorite Output: She enjoys calligraphy and cryptography.
  • Posture: She knows the finer points of posture etiquette and body language, but she tends to spend a lot of her time hunched over books, so she has the mentally remind herself to stand up straight.
  • Face Shape: Kind of oval, maybe. Oval or heart shaped
  • Direct Family: Both parents are alive. She has an elder sister and brother.
  • Social Class: Her family is from the upper middle class, but independently, she has a much more modest lifestyle.
  • Strong Point: Intelligence. She’s smart, quick-witted, and picks up on theory quickly.
  • Weak Point: Brute Force. She’s never been particularly strong. And typically relies on others to do heavy lifting.
  • IQ: >120 Study comes naturally to her, and she retains a good bit of information that she encounters.
  • Perceptiveness: She is not a keen observer of detail. Sometimes she picks up on things, but it is the exception rather than the rule.
  • Speech: She is polite, and educated. She does her best to not come off as pretentious, and she is a pretty good judge of her audience’s receptiveness, but she does get upset when people don’t understand her.
  • Physical Needs: She wears glasses. Typically for reading or study.
  • Physical Conditions: Currently none.
  • Mental Conditions: Nothing diagnosed. She sometimes deals with anxiety, but not nearly as severe as someone with an anxiety disorder.
  • Residence: She has a small apartment of her own. Cozy, simply furnished, and modest.
  • Housemates: Her sister frequently stays, but it is not yet a permanent arrangement.
  • Preferred Drink: She enjoys tea. Simple fruit juices and plain water are also enjoyed. She doesn’t care much for alcohol, but will occasionally have wine, or a cider.
  • Preferred Food: She enjoys seafood. Typically shellfish and mussels (clams, oysters, scallops).
  • Mode of Transport: Often walks.
  • Education Level: She has attended some college courses, but is primarily self taught. Though she hasn’t pursued formal education, she would have little trouble getting a degree.
  • Preferred Sports: She likes trivia, and various board games. She also has a talent for games of chance, and gambling.
  • Self-Discipline: She’s quite focused. When she needs to be.
  • Creativity: She’s creative, if a bit orthodox.
  • Luck: She doesn’t particularly subscribe to luck, but she has been fortunate more often than not.
  • Physical Health: She’s not particularly hardy. She doesn’t get sick often, but she also doesn’t resist sicknesses that she encounters
  • Usual Outfit: She tends to prefer a hybrid of casual formal. Allowing her to travel through the city without drawing too much attention to herself, but still being welcome at a noble family’s manor for tea.
  • Easily Embarrassed: She doesn’t get embarrassed often. But she sometimes finds herself at a threshold of embarrassment, that she tries not to linger at.
  • Grooming: She takes a reasonable amount of time and effort in her personal grooming. No problems getting prettied up.
  • Irrational Phobias: Her phobia of something coming up from the depths of the ocean is not irrational. There is no difference between some lovecraftian monstrosity and a piece of seaweed until you see it.
  • Mental Health: Mentally resilient. Neurotypical
  • Pets/Familiars: She has a pet cat that still lives at her parents’ manor.
  • Shows Affection: Typically affectionate, just not necessarily in public.
  • Gestures: Her gestures are for emphasis or clarification, and are generally pretty reserved.
  • Common Fears: She doesn’t much care for being on stage.
  • Moral Code: She has a personal code that she tries to live by.
  • Sense of Humor: She tends to have a not zero amount of sass, coupled with healthy sarcasm.
  • Likability: She’s likable. People tend to interpret her in the most favorable way.
  • Type of Drunk: Never been drunk.
  • Inclination: She enjoys the arts, but her opinions on he sciences depend on whether you consider magic to be an art or a science.
  • Favorite Genre: Comedy or Action/Adventure
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Best Intelligence: Language Smart and People Smart
  • Most Common Smile: A smirk, or a warm smile for her closer friends.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good She is neutral with respect to law and chaos has some respect for authority and feels neither a compulsion to obey nor a compulsion to rebel. She is generally honest, but can be tempted into lying or deceiving others. She values altruism, respect for life, and a concern for the dignity of sentient beings. Willing to make personal sacrifices to help others.
  • Preferred Environment: She’s no stranger to the city. She doesn’t have much experience outside though.
  • Criminal Record: None
  • Deadly Sin: Pride,
  • Heavenly Virtue: Diligence
  • Social Life: She is socially active, but not always with her generational group.
  • Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
  • Preferred Comedy: She enjoys satire and wordplay. She’ll roll her eyes, but she appreciates a good pun.

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Aiyanna Reyne

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